We have been asked SOOOOOOO many times, "Can we make our own pottery here?". Well, we are happy to say YES YOU CAN with The Mad Potter at Seize the Clay. Most Wednesday mornings at 12pm, Thursday & Friday evenings at 6:30 PM, Saturday mornings at 10 AM or Saturday afternoons at 1pm, and Sunday at 1 PM or 3:30 PM. Customers may make a reservation to come into the studio and get their hands dirty with CLAY! The Mad Potter boasts lots of options for all ages and skill levels.


Learn the POTTER'S WHEEL. Have you always wanted to give the potter's wheel a try? Well here is your chance. Our Pottery teachers are ready to show you the basics of wheel throwing. In a 2 1/2 hour private lesson you will begin to experience the wheel by focusing on centring the clay and throwing cylinders. Cylinders are the building blocks of pottery that form the foundation of most pieces and can be transformed into many different shapes. By the end of the lesson, you should have 4-6 "keepers" that you can glaze and paint after the bisque firing. The cost for a 2 1/2 hour lesson is $75 per person and includes Clay, Equipment, Tools, Instruction, 1st "bisque" firing, painting/glazing, and the final firing. We have two wheels, so grab a friend and learn a fun, new skill together! Great for ages 16 and up. Remember All Mad Potter lessons are by appointment only on Wednesdays through Sundays, call 901-323-2991 to sign up.


HAND BUILDING is fun and easy. Hand building is the art of creating both functional and sculptural objects out of clay without using a potter's wheel. The options are limitless. You can create cups, plates, bowls, flower pots, vases, decorative sculptures, boxes, ANYTHING! $75 buys you our small block of clay and you can make up to 4 pieces OR for $125 you can go crazy and make up to 8 pieces of pottery with our large block of clay. Both fees are all-inclusive and include studio time, one-on-one instruction, tools and equipment, the 1st "bisque" firing, painting/glazing, and the final firing of the pottery. The Hand-building studio fee covers up to 3 people (there is a $10 studio fee for each person after 3). Hand building is great fun for you if you just want to get out of the house and be creative or bring in your friends and have a clay day. Hand building is also great for families to create pieces together. Remember All Mad Potter lessons are by appointment only on Wednesdays through Sundays, call 901-323-2991 to sign up.

Earn Your Boy or Girl Scout Badges at The Mad Potter. The Mad Potter at Seize the Clay is the best place to earn your ceramics badge. Scouts will learn about the history of clay while we create a pinch bowl and a small sculpture of your choice. Once we are finished making our piece, we will have a talk about firing clay and tour the firing facilities in the studio. In 2 weeks, your pieces will be "bisque" fired and ready to paint. Price is $18 per scout and must be booked 2 weeks in advance.



Q: I already know how to throw on the wheel. Can I rent time?

A: Yes, however, we highly recommend taking a one time lesson with our instructor first because there is no one present to offer assistance in making pottery other than helping with the location of materials in the studio. Individuals have to purchase their clay from us. Each person must purchase his or her own block of clay, customers are not allowed to split blocks of clay. $60 buys 12 lbs of clay and includes all of the firings, using our paints and glazes. Seize the Clay will fire your pottery for you. There will be no instruction if you choose this option, and you may schedule wheel time Tuesday through Thursday and Fridays before 6 pm (you may not make reservations Saturday and Sundays). If you do not use all of your clay on your first visit there will be a $25 fee per visit to use the studio to finish up. Remember All Mad Potter sessions are by appointment only, call 901-323-2991 to sign up.

Q: Can I fire my own pottery in your kilns?

A: You can rent the kilns for $60 per load. An STC staff member will load your pottery, and it must be picked up the following day. We do not fire above cone 06. STC customer pieces are our first priority, so kiln rentals must work around the firing schedule in the studio. Kilns may not be rented in the months of May, November, and December due to high holiday volume.

Q: Can I press my child's hand into clay?

A: Yes, for $25 we will roll out a slab for you to press your child's hand in. This price includes both firings and painting/glazing. Please know that clay does shrink about 10% so the handprint will be slightly smaller.

Q: Do you have pottery wheel classes that meet more than once?

A: Yes, we do. Our 2-week pottery class which meets 4 times is $250.00 per person (a savings of $50 overdoing 4 private lessons). Our 3-week pottery wheel class which meets 6 times is $350 per person (a savings of $100 overdoing 6 private lessons). All supplies, equipment, firings, and instruction are included. This class is an in-depth pottery wheel class for the beginner. Learn to throw bowls, plates, and mugs. Class times are scheduled directly eith the instructor.

Cone 04/06 Clay and Excel Casting Slip available to purchase in the studio for the home ceramicist, schools and churches. 

Cone 04/06 Lowfire White Earthenware Clay

50lb box   $50 each


Cone 04/06 Excel Lowfire White

Casting Slip 

2 gallon box     $14 per box


We are not currently selling any color, glaze or other ceramic supplies. Clay and Slip sold in the studio is for home use and DOES NOT INCLUDE any paint, glazing or firing of any pieces made at home. WE DO NOT HAVE A PAINTING OPTION FOR CLAY/SLIP PIECES MADE AT HOME. You may rent our kiln durring certian times of the year for bisque and low fire glaze firings, please see the "MORE MAD POTTER INFO" section above for details.

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